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In today’s globalized world, high net worth individuals and their families can choose to reside in a number of different countries. 

Criteria for selecting the country of residence include safety, lifestyle, speed of doing business, tax infrastructure, family life and general convenience. 

Many seek to apply for citizenship in their country of choice, whereas others go the route of permanent residency, both of which are made possible by meeting particular investment requirements.

At Consulco, we will help you navigate through the intricacies of applying for and obtaining citizenship or residency in countries such as Cyprus, Greece, the UK and the UAE. This includes a detailed analysis of the investment criteria that you must meet, the completion and submission of all relevant application forms to the necessary authorities, and the monitoring of the application process from start to finish.

Key Services include:

  • Cyprus Investment Program
  • Cyprus Permanent Residency through Real Estate Investment
  • Cyprus Working Residence Permits
  • UK Investor Visa
  • Greek Residency Visa
  • UAE Business Investor Visa
  • UAE Property Owner Visa

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St. Augustine, Roman African Philosopher

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