Asset Protection

Asset Protection

in a risky world.

Protection of your wealth and assets from third party claims, business risks, financial risks, divorces, death or potential misuse, can come in many different forms. 

Asset protection planning requires a solution that is right for you and like any financial decision, requires the expertise of legal and financial advisors to ensure all statutory, regulatory and fiscal obligations are met. 

At Consulco, our team of specialists provides strategic insight and top-tier expertise for the maximum protection of your wealth. We work with you to select the most appropriate planning instrument/s to properly safeguard your assets in all jurisdictions across the globe.

Key services include the formation and administration of trusts, including settling and acting as trustees in Cyprus international and local trusts; business restructuring such as company demergers and/or re-organizations, to protect against external risks; formation of Family Investment Companies to grow your family wealth; and Wills, Probate, and Succession Planning to ensure safe transfer of your assets to your descendants.

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