Corporate Services

Corporate Services 

for a Global World.

In today’s global market, an increasing number of cross border transactions, investments and operations means international companies must be aware of how to structure these activities effectively in every jurisdiction. This is usually dependent on the location of the specific activity, where the transacting parties are situated, and the legal and tax implications.

At Consulco, we deliver corporate solutions in multiple jurisdictions across the globe. We assist you throughout the entire cycle of corporate structuring which includes the use of international holding companies for your transborder activities and investments. 

Our extensive experience and knowledge of challenges that arise in multinational transactions also ensures that we can provide you with optimal support to meet your objectives.

Key services include the registration of companies in Cyprus and other major jurisdictions worldwide including the UK and the UAE, which are structured according to your needs; the provision of management and company secretarial services; and the redomiciliation of companies between jurisdictions.

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Marcel Proust, French novelist

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