Business Services

Business Services

in a Modern World.

International business structures today need to have real physical presence and substance in the country in which they are considered to have tax residence.

Pressure by tax and financial regulatory bodies for the closure of shelf or shell companies, or virtual businesses, is increasing rapidly across the globe. As a consequence, companies seeking to benefit from Double Tax Treaties and reliable and transparent tax treatment, must have all the physical attributes of an actual operational business. 

Key services include:

  • Executive Search

We can help you search for and recruit appropriately qualified personnel and take care of the legal and tax formalities of employment.

  • Relocation Support Services

We can assist with all immigration/visa requirements and the relocation of your company and staff.

  • Office and Residential property search support services

We will find the right office space for your company and accommodation for your personnel.

  • Business Center Services

Our innovative business center offers top-tier conference facilities, training, telephony and catering.

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"The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow."

Rupert Murdoch, Australian media mogul

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