Consulco participated in the ‘Invest In Cyprus’ Business Conference between the 27th and 29th of September, hosted by the Larnaca Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  The conference was held in co-operation with Cedars Pavillion, a Cyprus-based representative office for the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture in Beirut and Mount Lebanon (CCIAB). 

The Conference marked the fact that there is increasing foreign investment interest in Cyprus.  It served as a way for Cypriot businesses to make connections with investors, to buy and sell properties as well as to promote some of the supporting work foreign investors require such as legal and accountancy services.  The Conference was organized thanks to the President of LCCI (Mr St. Stavrou)’s initiatives, and aimed at promoting Cyprus as an important eastern Mediterranean business center.

During the Conference, Consulco, headed up by Investment Director Michael Tannousis, discussed the ways in which Consulco is uniquely capable of appreciating and responding to the demands of international investors.  The Group has over 25 years’ experience working with high net-worth individuals, offering investment and professional services as part of managing their portfolios.  Consulco understands the core of structuring family wealth and is, therefore, serving its clients with tailor-made propositions with emphasis on ring fencing solutions.

Property is an investment area of expertise for Consulco, as for over twenty years we have been tactically selecting and acquiring properties in prime parts of Cyprus, Greece and Romania, and have been developing these into landmark residential and commercial buildings.  These are occupied by prestigious tenants including multinational corporations, embassies and retail chain stores.  On this strong foundation Consulco expanded its operations into UK real estate portfolios and credit investments secured with real estate, achieving remarkable results with increased profits for its clients in both short and long term investments, satisfying their individual objectives and needs. 

Consulco has always been supporting the Cypriot economy through investments.  Its current focus in Cyprus is the Athena Fund, a Cyprus-regulated real estate fund the first project of which is a luxury residential development with 50 residences in the heart of Nicosia.  This project will attract international investors through the Cyprus Investment Programme, allowing them to obtain the Cypriot citizenship whilst enjoying high returns and a clearly defined, straightforward exit strategy for their investment.